Seven Questions That Investors Always Ask

    When faced with the task of analyzing this new project, investors will always ask the following questions. So here are our answers:

    • What is the intrinsic value of this project? Is it unique? What is its market like?
      1. The intrinsic value of our project is its ability to decrease cost of living while increasing space efficiency.
      2. Homebloc’s uniqueness can be derived from its usage of tokens in making property transactions which allows the exchange of property to be more fluid through value circulation rather than the traditional exchange of information.
      3. The blockchain market is strong. Through the usage of Homebloc’s blockchain technology systems, hotels can largely decrease the use of human labor costs and OTA transaction fees, while paying practically no commission fees.  
    • How has the project’s team proved their ability to ensure the project’s success? As a cohesive unit, what are the team’s strengths?
      • Our project team consists of former OTA market directors, blockchain technicians, former top 500 project development managers, financial experts, property ownership and real estate experts, and architectural engineers. We are currently in partnerships with a good number of hotel brands, hotel management firms, real estate agencies, media corporations, blockchain PR companies, and consulting agencies. In summation, our company’s strengths lie in our team’s pre-existing, abundant experience in the industry and our accumulated resources. 
    • How will the project attract large numbers of consumers? In other words, what is the project’s stretagy on community growth?
      • The project’s community operations team has created an operational strategy that will incentivize large audiences to our platform. The organizational structure of the community and our operational strategy will be the keystones of our users’ curiosity and commitment to Homebloc. 
    • What will the project do with the money from this investment? Will it be used in areas of “light capital”, where the cost of labor is higher than expenses in the supply chain?
      • Investments toward the project will mainly go toward the expansion of our partnerships with hotels as well as toward areas of marketing and PR. The hotel industry is consistent mostly of “light capital” expenses. While there will be “heavy capital” expenses later in our project– large expenses in the supply chain that outweigh labor costs, Homebloc is confident in our ability to support those “heavy capital” expenses using the foundations that we are currently building in this industry worth $580 billion. 
    • In the context of this project specifically, what problems does blockchain technology fix? Can’t profit be made without the use of blockchain? What are the functions of the token in this project?
      1. To address the first question, blockchain technology is able to fix the following types of issues:
        • High handling fees
        • High consumer fees
        • Inefficient booking/ cancelling procedures (high cancellation fees)
        • Monopolized traffic
        • Lack of customer service
      2. Without the use of blockchain technology, large amounts of human labor will be required to accomplish the same amount of work. 
      3. The HOM Token is analogous to an identification certificate on the platform. It represents the economic value of the Homebloc project in the digital currency trading market, but also economic value within the Homebloc platform. The HOM Token will be used for trading and reward purposes.  Homebloc will be implementing tasks and activities to encourage all members of the community to add value to the platform in ways such as providing suggestions and ratings. The ultimate goal is to enable each stakeholder to contribute to the development of the platform while also increasing their share of ownership in the platform itself. 
    • Does the project require the support of local community members? If yes, what kind of support is needed?
      • The Homebloc project welcomes community members to participate in our latest HOM “Snap-up” event. Through this event, early bird users will have the opportunity to earn at least three times the amount of rewards normally provided on the platform. As a result, we require community influence to bring more users to our platform and to participate in our event. 

    * What is the HOM “Snap-up” event about ?

    The HOM “Snap-up” event is a small scale IMO (Initial Mining Offering) launched by Homebloc. Early participants will be able to “Haul in” HOM Tokens with 1/3 instant market value. Please stay tune for more Information about HOM “Snap-up” event.

    • Why is now the best time to start this project? 
      • July and August are the months when tourism is at its peak. The project will be able to expand quickly during the summer season, carrying the demand of hotel accommodation into profits with the booming tourism period. Additionally, the current Shenzhen housing policy is being regarded as the new “Singapore model” where public rental housing, governmental subsidized housing, and special population housing account for more than 60% of total residential land use. By 2035, Shenzhen’s population is expected to increase to about 5.5 million people which will require the addition of 1.83 million housing units. As a unique market player, Homebloc must take advantage of this opportunity along with its timing to start pursuing this project. 

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