The key to the era of ” Metaverse “: Modernizing Park Chain

    The key to the era of ” Metaverse “: Modernizing Park Chain

    Roblox, an online game creation platform, launched its “Metaverse” concept in March 2021, which instantly exploded the Internet industry. In the gaming industry, many International Game Technology companies have set up “Metaverse” businesses. Furthermore, traditional Internet giants have also started to pay attention and invest on “Metaverse”. The concept of ” Metaverse” has also become quite popular in the Internet industry.

    As usual, capital is keenly aware that the Modernizing Park Chain project, which is dedicated to building a decentralized Metaverse platform and is conducting a seed fundraising round. In this regard, Elon Simons, the CEO of MPC, stated that during the recent fundraising meeting, the investment structures being approached include Blockchain Capital, Pantera Caoital, Andreessen Horowitz, Union Square Ventures and others. MPC has been in excellent negotiations with the major investment houses. Notably, MPC has also received attention from traditional investment houses, with BITKRAFT Venture, which focuses on investing in e-sports companies, also showing interest in investing. In terms of the progress of the fundraising, Elon Simons said that the investment houses are currently discussing the valuation of MPC and that he believes there will be good news soon. Meanwhile, he also encouraged investors to pay more attention to the product and progress of the project, and not to follow the hype blindly.

    Theoretically, Metaverse can be extended from gaming, social and other pan-entertainment experiences to various real-life scenarios, thereby breaking the boundary between virtual and reality. From the perspective of investment institutions, as a new generation of open underlying software platform for blockchain, MPC has successfully integrated the concept of ” Metaverse”. Specifically, MPC platform allows for not only a multi-dimensional Web3.0 by supporting NFT, AR, VR and IOT, but also helps developers, game enthusiasts, artists and KOLs to easily create valuable content on the blockchain. Moreover, it has the potential to drive large-scale commercial applications to the ground.

    Currently, the first MPC-based application Modernizing Park will be launched soon. It is a sandbox game based on the concept of meta-universe with various gameplay modes such as collecting, building, raising and managing. It is designed to help players create a functioning economic system in the virtual reality world to facilitate an immersive experience in the virtual world.

    In Modernizing Park, there is a virtual world that is truly owned by the user, where all virtual land and the buildings on the virtual land are held by the owner forever. Throughout the game, players collect NFT land as they would build assets in the real world in order to qualify to build buildings on the land, which may be priced according to the different attributes and distances of the land. For instance, players can choose from different attributes of land: Residential; Commercial and Public, etc. As the first Modernizing Park project to implement ” Metaverse” concept on the MPC platform, it is expected to be the key to the commercial implementation of the MPC ” Metaverse” concept on a large scale.

    Before the era of Metaverse dawns, Roblox is not a unique phenomenon, and MPC will certainly shine with the “Metaverse” as its goal. Regarding the vision of MPC, Elon Simons emphasized that MPC will break through the barriers of the ” Metaverse” by constantly iterating the technology to build a more interactive and multifaceted world that allows all kinds of assets and all kinds of characters to be traded without hindrance.

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