Slab-AI Quantitive Trading fully intelligent AI quant robot officially launched

    Slab-AI Quantitive Trading fully intelligent AI quant robot officially launched

    With the rise of digital currencies, more and more people are getting involved in the field of virtual currency investment. The volatility of the virtual currency market is very high, which makes it difficult for many investors to control market changes, leading to many people failing in their investments in this market. To help investors better grasp market trends, Slab-AI Quantitive Trading, as an artificial intelligence company, has launched a series of AI-based virtual currency quantitative trading products to help investors better control market changes and achieve better investment returns.

    “Slab-AI Quantitive Trading was founded in 2007. In the early days, it focused on trading strategies in areas such as stocks and foreign exchange. The team includes top industry experts and a seasoned technical team with extensive practical experience and remarkable performance in the investment field. In recent years, the group has increased its investment in the blockchain industry, launching Slab-AI’s virtual currency quantitative products since 2018. Currently, the services have covered 118 countries, with over 22 million serviced investors and managing user assets of over $22 billion, helping users profit over $42 billion.”

    “Slab-AI Quantitive Trading is jointly invested by several internationally renowned companies, including the Singapore-based Slab Lab. The R&D team consists of more than 40 outstanding talents from the industry, who come from well-known financial institutions on Wall Street.The core members are talented technology experts from renowned enterprises. The overall R&D strength is strong, with multiple financial product experts and technical security experts. At the same time, it is equipped with an international-level risk control team and an innovative technical system in platform asset protection and security.

    Slab-AI Quantitive Trading is based on the real-time price differences between various virtual currencies among major global exchanges. Through computer cluster computing power, data models, AI algorithms, and hedging strategies, Slab-AI Quantitive Trading quickly captures these price differences and completes low-buy-high-sell transactions to achieve profitability.”

    This is something that individual traders cannot achieve and can only be realized through AI automation systems. Slab-AI Quantitive Trading collects real-time trading data from major global exchanges at the millisecond level, and uses the theory of “buying low and selling high” to enable investors to make intelligent investments and achieve profitability. The idea is simple: ordinary users only need to purchase Slab-AI computing power to assist in global trading operations, in order to achieve automatic profit. The Slab-AI Quantitive Trading technology team has more than 300 people developing, maintaining, and upgrading the system. To quickly obtain real-time data from global exchanges and complete transactions through Slab-AI, Slab-AI is deployed on 40 clusters and more than 1,000 computer servers worldwide. Therefore, the Slab-AI Quantitive Trading service needs to be purchased based on usage time.

    Through the promotion program of Slab-AI Quantitive Trading, you can earn rewards by inviting others to join the platform. All you need to do is introduce the platform to your friends, family, or others in your social network, and they can join and start investing. You can earn a certain percentage of rewards when they start investing and earn profits. This is a simple process that takes only a few minutes to complete.

    Firstly, you need to register a Slab-AI Quantitive Trading account and get a unique promotion link. Then, you can share the link with others and let them sign up and start investing through the link. Once they start investing and earning profits, you can earn corresponding rewards. This is a very simple way to earn additional profits, and the rewards you earn will not affect the investment returns of your friends or family.

    In addition, Slab-AI Quantitive Trading offers a wide range of investment products and services, including stocks, forex, cryptocurrencies, and other asset categories. Through the platform, you can enjoy the benefits of intelligent investments without requiring professional investment knowledge or skills. Moreover, the artificial intelligence technology and big data analysis used by Slab-AI Quantitive Trading can ensure the accuracy and timeliness of investment decisions, maximizing your return on investment.

    In this day and age, investment has become an increasingly popular way to increase personal wealth. Through the promotion program of Slab-AI Quantitive Trading, you can not only earn profits for yourself but also help others to earn profits. This is a win-win situation that offers you and your friends more opportunities and benefits. Register a Slab-AI Quantitive Trading account now, start promoting, and earn additional profits!

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