PMCA Poseidon Launches Marine Protection Mission to the Worlde you

    We invite you to be the voice of the ocean.

    What do you want to do for the ocean?What do you want to do for the ocean?

    Tell us that we will handle the rest.


    Founded in 2019, PMCA was initiated by the Ocean Guardian Association (SSCS) to form a decentralized autonomous organization jointly established by the PON Global Ocean Node.

    The Sea Keepers Association (SSCS) is an international non-profit marine wildlife conservation organization. Founded in 1977, SSCS’ s mission is to end the destruction and massacres of the world’s marine wildlife habitat to protect and protect ecosystems and species. Innovate direct action strategies to investigate, document and act when necessary to expose and combat illegal activities on the high seas. By protecting the biodiversity of delicately balanced marine ecosystems, Marine Guardians are committed to ensuring the survival of their offspring.

    All members of the PMCA organization have been focusing on marine conservation and are focused on protecting and restoring the world’s oceans on a global scale. The two organizations will work together to encourage marine community nodes around the world to organize strategic, targeted activities that deliver measurable results that make our oceans more biodiversity and rich.

    PMCA aims to make our oceans as rich, healthy and rich as ever.

    PMCA aims to support organizations and individuals that prevent the destruction of the global marine environment through the establishment of a PON marine ecological value system and the use of a centralized digital ocean new financial system.

    PMCA aims to make our oceans more biodiversity and rich by gaining policy support from countries that manage most of the world’s marine life.

    Ours, thought

    What the PMCA Marine Conservation Alliance has always wanted to do is to work with marine node participants from all ages around the world to develop international ocean governance.

    Our oceans account for 71% of the world and are home to all life on Earth. It is huge, it is irreplaceable, and it plays a central role in the global natural system. It provides livelihoods for fishermen and others around the world, provides food for hundreds of millions of people, and can provide healthy seafood meals to 1 billion people every day.

    But in recent years, scientists have reported that the number of fishes caught in the ocean began to decline decades ago.

    PMCA is committed to advocating science-based fisheries management to restore marine ecology. Through our continuous exploration, we have learned how to solve and help the ocean to restore its former beauty: establish a science-based fisheries management mechanism and improve the science-based fishing restriction system to protect habitats. We promote innovative, customized de-neutral philanthropic solutions that reflect our holistic approach to coastal and marine protection.

    Ours, found


    Humans have captured too many creatures from the ocean.

    Overfishing by humans threatens the balance of the ocean’s ecology and human survival.


    Humans continue to consciously pollute the ocean.

    Mercury, antibiotics, oil and climate change gases threaten marine wildlife, habitat and human health.


    Our oceans face many threats.

    Lead to the impact of marine debris, overfishing and ocean acidification, endangering human life.


    The range of aggression in which people hunt down marine wildlife is expanding.

    Destructive and wasteful fishing threatens marine life and destroys the ocean.

    Ours, story

    We identify, evaluate and support positive energy marine conservation projects and organizations, streamline donation processes and address centralized management loopholes, and promote innovative, customized blockchain decentralized philanthropy solutions for individual, corporate and government donors. For donors to maintain their enthusiasm for the protection of the ocean, PMCA members continue to enhance their collective expertise and provide cutting-edge content for solutions and implementation strategies for emerging potential threats.

    We are very fortunate to have great leaders in the blockchain and excellent blockchain players. At PMCA, everyone is trying to explore a reasonable solution to the threats facing the ocean today. The best way is to establish a decentralized ocean value eco-financial system through the ocean nodes of the PON ecosystem. Here, there is more reasonable and fairer. And transparent ocean philanthropy governance programs.


    By building a strong, dynamic and connected global community of marine node donors and recipients, it will guide humans to interact with the oceans, effectively respond to emergencies and capture the key opportunities of global ocean protection for sustainable development.

    We remain true…

    We strive to tell the story of the real world, listen to the experiences of people who depend on healthy oceans, and gather information about the ocean.

    We hope to see the change…

    The path of change is laid out by effective strategies, powerful science, and the intersection of many ocean nodes like you.

    We advocate our ocean…

    We have the same laser attention to the solution and create a clear end goal for you, our families and our future generations.

    We inspire people…

    In the PMCA organization, it is our responsibility to protect the ocean, but we cannot accomplish this important mission alone. We need to work with you and people around the world to keep our oceans and communities healthy and prosperous. The fate of the ocean affects us all.

    Ours, the ocean

    The oceans are vast, but they are inevitably affected by humans. We have changed or destroyed marine ecosystems and pushed species millions of years ago to the brink of extinction, while less than 4% of oceans are currently unaffected by human activities.

    The ocean is our center. Even if you have never seen the ocean, you will feel the gift that the ocean brings to us every day. From majestic whales to stunning waves, colorful coral reefs, to elegant turtles, the ocean captures your soul and soul. It produces half of the air we breathe every day, producing food and water that humans eat.

    The PMCA Marine Conservation Alliance initiative combines your resources with other personal resources with similar goals to increase your philanthropic impact. Turn your donations into digital ocean assets and fund non-profit organizations, universities and community organizations around the world. In our marine conservation initiatives, we all want to mitigate current threats and problems.

    I hope that you will be as encouraged as I am, working with us to protect the oceans that human beings depend on every day.

    No matter where we are, we have the opportunity to do something that makes the world a better place.”

    I hope that you can become part of our business, join us and participate in it.

    Become the sound of the ocean.


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