Game Platform Get Free ETH

At the recent Dapp Developer Conference, a new term, the “classical coin circle”, was put forward, which generally refers to the coin holders who have not got in touch with Dapp in the coin circle.

In 2019, Dapp will undoubtedly be the focus of the coin circle, and the landing Dapp is also going to release .


Recently,’s Dapp game platform for Fishhunter has came into users’ view, and also reached a cooperation with Bos Chain. Some people in the industry said it is a cooperation between the strongest public chain and the strongest application platform.


The team has many successful experiences in the Internet era. The team has previously successfully made mobile Internet product with 3 million active users. is a platform-based Dapp released in the first branch in the block chain market.

It has 4 features:

  1. In platform, all users can earn coins through playing free games;
  2. Users can play games through using ETH, BTC, EOS BOS and other mainstream coins. The recharge and withdrawal processes are consistent with the current mainstream exchange process;
  3. Anyone can monetize their traffic by inviting their own users to obtain benefit.
  4. In addition to the C-end, the B-end project party can also access its own coins to the platform, and the coins can be circulated through playing games in the platform, so the B-end project party can increase the holder number of their own coins and the circulation rate. You can think it as a digital wallet or a next-generation exchange place.


In the first year after application coming out, has just been jointly launched together with digital wallets such as Bitpie, TOKENPOCKET and EOSTOKEN. It is developing in the direction of winning ten times or hundreds of times of the current volume and users, and it is the light of the “bear market” .