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    DApps is the most important sector in blockchain industry, Only if DApps replace the traditional apps on a large scale and also used by normal users, then the blockchain technology can real landing.

    Sky, Founder and CEO of Fishunter wrote this article, pointing out the thinking over the transformation from traditional app to DApps with so much practical information, which would greatly benefit readers who intend to have in-depth understanding of DApps industry. It is worth mentioning that is currently conducting an online test of a free game, aiming to help users who want to learn about blockchain but do not yet have a digital wallet or digital currency, and the game enables everyone to get free digital currency, before they obtain deeper understanding of this industry. You are all welcome to download the latest client at

    The evolution path of DApps and APP has been analyzed in many articles. An article titled as DApp’s competitor is App in [Block Beats] also indicates that the user prosperity and income growth of DApps market will be realized along with the entry of the traditional big manufacturers with experience in app production. Currently, the decline of active users of DApps is mainly caused by such problems as single product form, poor user experience, single and immature economic model of token coins, pure coin speculation or poor periodic of mining projects. The current development of blockchain technology is able to support part of deployment smart contract, even there are many problems in the process of deployment smart contract, though the trend of blockchain industry is becoming obvious, the blockchain technology can reform many traditional industries, and make those industries bigger and better.

    Taking blockchain game of as a case study, we will get to know blockchain thinks over and produces blockchain games in current stage.

    1. Firstly, is a free game. DApps based on blockchain always request the users to have a pass, such as Gasfee of Ether. Almost everything will cost you a small fee, and applying for an EOS account will also cost you some money. Although the amount is small, it is probably the biggest barrier to users’ entry and one of the worst user experiences ever. It has been an effective and common practice for the traditional software and Internet industries over the past few decades to let users experience the value of apps in a free way, and the users will become the paying customers naturally, as time goes by.
    1. Convenience

    From the perspective of user experience, current application of blockchain is too terrible. Process belongs to a kind of technology-oriented product, which is very inconvenient for users. User experience must come first if DApps intend to become the main stream. Therefore, there are some key problems in it as follows: A. It is necessary to use regular mobile phone numbers as the account numbers. The current mnemonic words and keys shall be used as tools instead of the threshold for user entry; B. transfer must be finished at second level, transfer among accounts within the system must be free, and the coin withdrawal to the chain shall be charged at certain amount; C. system interface must be simple and easily understandable, more pictures and less words. provides the perfect solution to the above-mentioned three problems and you need to download the game to personally experience it. Users do not need a digital wallet or a cumbersome mnemonic word to get their hands on the digital currency. Most importantly, the game is free. Its daily number of registered users within one week after its launch has exceeded 1,000.

    1. Open, Fair and Transparent supports data lotteries on the chain, and the lottery results are open, fair and transparent. All blockchain games support Hash lotteries and smart contract lotteries on the chain. We shall believe that the application of blockchain technology in products involving random values is the trend of the future of blockchain development along with the development of technology.

    1. Blockchain thinking beats blockchain technology in significance

    Blockchain pays attention to the value contribution of each user, user privacy and self-propagation of the community. The core of blockchain products is not whether the products are decentralized and users will not use them for a long time just because the products are decentralized. The underlying thinking of blockchain was born out of the bitcoin network, and it re-defined a brand new form, in which, each one was the contributor and beneficiary of value. It is more difficult to use blockchain thinking to reconstruct products in comparison with using blockchain technology to realize product reconstruction. Therefore, most of the successful commercial products in the future are those that can be reconstructed with blockchain thinking from traditional industries.

    Instead of being a blue ocean of uncontested competition, Decentralized Application (DApps) is a competition against the centralized application in the [old world] and it must beat its competitor. It is not whether or not a product is [decentralized] that determines whether or not a user shall use it. On contrary, a user will use it only if it has certain values. Therefore, decentralization is a method instead of an objective of DApps.

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