A Different Kind of Graduate School for Blockchain — CoinDesk

Having trained as a lawyer was of great assistance, particularly because so many blockchain enthusiasts and entrepreneurs may have been simultaneously breaking securities law, immigration law, corporate law, tax law and labor law. It was like one big issue-spotting examination. But the technical issues were far beyond my comfort zone. For that I relied on my new mentor, my boss from China who was literally half my age. Working with him was part Master’s degree in disruptive industries, part cultural competencies crash course, and part internship in Chinese regulation. He taught me about POW, POS, PBFT and a host of other acronyms that transcended continents, economic models and generation gaps. I taught him how to tie a Windsor knot for his formal look, something we needed to do even if we were in this sector. The bankers, lawyers, accountants and foundation presidents we met still liked formality.

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